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Free Keywords tool and what a Keywords tool will do for you

So you want to know more about this Free Keywords tool eh? Ok But first lets talk about keywords for a minute. Here’s how I see it In a Nutshell!!! What empower network has done for us has blown my mind! And what I am about to tell you may just open your eyes to a new way of doing some things!

You have a wide open platform! Use it! Ok here at empower network you are niche open. What I mean by that is you can use multiple sub niches all in one spot and it doesn’t matter because of the way these blogs are set up. Our main goal is to give great articles and bring in mad amounts of traffic right?

Well listen up! Do you want free traffic from the top of the search engines?… Heck yeah I do if I can!!! That’s a no brainer isn’t it?

Alright check this out all my Empower Network friends, and all my new soon to be friends reading this article that are about to Take Action! IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE EMPOWER NETWORK. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! CLICK ONE OF THE EMPOWER NETWORK LINKS! AND GET STARTED NOW!!!
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The Empower Network gives us an unbelievable platform to work with and its WIDE OPEN! Its not or or ect. This lets you write about Multiple subjects/Niches, Sub Niches.

There are thousands upon thousands of unused keywords out there that loads of people are searching for of which you can easily take the Top Spot, Be #1, Numbero Uno, on the search engines!!!! Without having to back link like crazy and fight for months for it. Keywords that are so easy to write something with it will Blow your mind. With just a little research its very easy. Keywords for ANYTHING you are interested in so its not even like work to write about! And to correctly do the on page SEO for an article is just as easy when you know the FORMULA!

<strong>On Page SEO Formula</strong>

1-Make sure keyword or keywords are in the URL

2- Place keyword in title text

3- Use keyword in first sentence of your article

4- Try and use keyword at least 1 time per 100 words or more of text you write ( keyword Density) But dont over do it. You do not want your article to sound weird to the reader.

5- Make sure the pictures you use have your keyword in the alternate text. (click on picture it will highlight blue, then click on tiny pic in upper left corner to open the edit image box. Put your keyword in the alternate text box and if you want this picture to take your visitor somewhere else by clicking it change the link url to the destination you want to send them to. Also the title is what will show up when someone hovers over the image. When Im sending someone somewhere else I put a call to action in there like “click here and get traffic travis now” for instance.

6- Do not use duplicate content! This can hurt you from making page 1 on search engines. If I feel I need to share some text from somewhere and I cant rewrite it in my own words I do not want Google to doc me so I take a screen shot or use snagit from and then put the pic of the text where I need it. Of course giving credit to whom I may have gotten it from.

7- Keyword appears in other headings if possible.

8- Article is at least 300 words or more. This should be easy especially if you are writing about something your interested in. it doesn’t take long to write 300 words.

9- key word shows in the <span style=”color: #222222;”><span style=”font-family: sans-serif;”><span style=”font-size: small;”>Meta Description</span></span></span>

<span style=”font-size: large;”><strong>A Better Approach!</strong></span>

You want the best results in the least amount of time! You need a keyword tool to make things quick and easy. Traffic Travis is one of my favorite tools and you can get a FREE version of it here…………………… It wont have all the options in the free version but it will have plenty to do what we want to do here. I have the full version of Traffic Travis myself along with WebFire. More about Webfire a little later

Tell me this. Would you rather slap something down just to put something somewhere or would you rather put a little thought into it with the chance of very soon getting 5,000 10,000 possably 175,000 or way more in traffic to your website??? With the right tools it realy does not take much more time to soon see some huge results!

<span style=”font-size: x-large;”><strong>What will a keywords tool do for you</strong></span>

A kewords tool will help you quickly find the keywords you should use so soon you can get free traffic from first page search engine rankings. Without using keywords correctly you have a very little chance of doing this.

Ok now what I was talking about earlier on how Empower network allows us to be Niche Open. This is almost magical! Because of this we can find unused keywords that get a ton of searches and build a post that harneses this Huge power of free traffic! Just think if you had just one page on your blog or website that on first page of google that was recieving 100,000 people to it a month. just think what that would do for you. 1 single page. After all our adds above and to the side of our websites are going to spark the interest and clicks. We just need to get the traffic there to be able to. Well I,m here to show you that you can do this.

I have 2 different keyword tools I use constantly of which you can get through my affiliate links if you want. 1st keywords tool Im going to talk about is Traffic Travis. You can get a free version of it HERE and it will do most of what you will need it for. Some things will be unavailabe unless you buy the full version but we don’t need the full version to do this.

The second keywords tool I use is called WebFire. This is actually a power pack of tools every internet marketer needs to speed up the process of optimizing your blog or website and to Drive traffic to it within hours from 1st page of the top search engines on the internet even for a brand new blog or websiteI am going to do a keyword search with webfire and show you keywords at this time and day have huge search resaults that little to no one is using.

Don’t forget to tell google and the other search engines to BRINGIT and go PINGIT!!!!

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