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How To Create Amazing Pictures With Wood! (Video)

How these wood pictures are created will amaze you! You need to make sure you use a laser printer when printing your picture on regular paper.  If you don’t have one you can use laser printers at Kinko’s or your local printing shop. You may want to ask for the thinnest paper you’ll see why when who watch these how to videos. Just make sure it’s printed with a laser printer for this to work. Materials you’re going to need are: Wood you want to apply your picture to. Laser printed picture on regular paper. Gel Medium and a cup or [...]

What is a visual thinker?

This is weird, I find myself depending on what I'm doing being a visual thinker and an aural thinker.  They say  Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, James Maxwell and Bobby Fischer the Chess Grand Master were all visual thinkers. Are you? This may also be why I pick up on how to do things much quicker through pictures,video training and hands on instead of through things like a textbook.   How to Tell What Kind of Thinker You Are How do you think? Did you know other people may not think like you do? Do you think aurally or visually? How [...]

How to Make a Website Banner, Create Facebook Cover Photo, How to Create Transparent Image

  Get your hands on The logo Creator Here Get Jing Free Here Get Paint.net Picture Editing Software Free here   How to make a website banner, create Facebook cover photo, how to create transparent image are great to know and can save you an incredible amount of money throughout the years as it has me... Not only that but being able to have a custom picture for something you are selling within minute versus days from paying someone else to create something for you can get the ball rolling much faster. Its important to especially if you are someone [...]

Google Trends – Google Keyword Tool

Google Trends may be the most valuable Google Keyword Tool Google gives us free of charge! Google Trends is the Google Keyword Tool that many website owners ignore, even though they are attempting to target specific audiences around the World. It may be more useful then the new Google Keyword Planner! (It absolutely is for me!) A Google Chrome search for Google Trends Produces this result at the top of page one. Clicking the Google Trends selection takes you here... Hot Searches gives you the hot topics of interest, constantly updated throughout the day! Top Charts provides you with 47 major [...]

Free Keywords tool

Free Keywords tool and what a Keywords tool will do for you So you want to know more about this Free Keywords tool eh? Ok But first lets talk about keywords for a minute. Here's how I see it In a Nutshell!!! What empower network has done for us has blown my mind! And what I am about to tell you may just open your eyes to a new way of doing some things! You have a wide open platform! Use it! Ok here at empower network you are niche open. What I mean by that is you can use [...]

Viral Marketing – How To Create Viral Articles

How Does Viral Marketing Create Viral Articles? Viral Marketing Rocks!! But how do you create articles that spread like a virus? The very term viral means something that spreads like a disease! Internet Marketers use viral marketing to describe what Social Media Creates. Traffic! So how does a virus spread? Disease can spread from one person “sharing it” with another. It can be spread through simply breathing the air (word of mouth) in a room where someone “sharing” the disease (idea) is talking. But, it's NOT just the contact. The person contacted must “be susceptible (interested) to the disease”, and the [...]

Social Media – Statistics Shape Success!

Know Your Social Media Statistics Or Fail! DON'T YOU WANT TO BE CERTAIN YOU ARE HEARD? Using Social Media to generate free (& paid) traffic to webpages has been the focus of marketing masters for several years. Social Media has exploded into the forefront of the best sources for non-paid traffic, and from all indications, it's here to stay. If you haven't read the precursor to this article as yet, you may want to go read it. It's called, Viral Marketing – How To Create Viral Articles, & the companion article is Combining Guerrilla Marketing With Social Media. If you've read the [...]

Combining Guerrilla Marketing With Social Media

Combining Guerrilla Marketing With Social Media Is A Win Win Combo! Combining Guerrilla Marketing With Social Media Is A Win Win Combo! Prepare your eyes for a treat when you Google "Guerrilla Marketing Pictures". (I've shown some examples below.) Shock value should never be underestimated. Small Business Uses Guerrilla Marketing Small businesses have been using Guerrilla Marketing to attract the attention of potential local customers for many years, but it's heating up again! You can't help but notice that bus! Without a word Red Lobster will increase traffic every time this bus runs down your street, and that's exactly the point. [...]

Lights, Camera, Action! – How To Gain Instant Success!

Action - Success - No Action - No Success Lights, Camera, Action, Yes! We're talking about the instant variety of action, because we want Instant Success.   Instant Success Requires Instant Action! The 5 Commandments. 1. take notes on valuable new ideas 2. take instant action on those notes 3. compare the results of your actions with what you've done before 4. adjust your daily plan of action based upon those results 5. But only then should you learn more a) and take notes c) and then act on them t) and while comparing the results i) adjust your game [...]

Increase Blog Traffic – The Traffic Sniper

Increase Blog Traffic Fast! “How To Increase Blog Traffic By Sniping.” NOTE: The FREE pdf & doc HOSTING SITES LIST (Date Ranked 06/01/13) is included at the end of this article. All of the 26 sites on the list offer a free service. If you sling enough mud onto a wall, some will stick. That's the shotgun method. The traffic sniper instead, takes the time necessary to get that well placed shot off, and makes certain that every shot counts! When applied to Increase Blog Traffic, this method sends fast massive traffic to the pages on your site. "The traffic sniper approach gets [...]
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