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What is a visual thinker?

This is weird, I find myself depending on what I'm doing being a visual thinker and an aural thinker.  They say  Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, James Maxwell and Bobby Fischer the Chess Grand Master were all visual thinkers. Are you? This may also be why I pick up on how to do things much quicker through pictures,video training and hands on instead of through things like a textbook.   How to Tell What Kind of Thinker You Are How do you think? Did you know other people may not think like you do? Do you think aurally or visually? How [...]

Lights, Camera, Action! – How To Gain Instant Success!

Action - Success - No Action - No Success Lights, Camera, Action, Yes! We're talking about the instant variety of action, because we want Instant Success.   Instant Success Requires Instant Action! The 5 Commandments. 1. take notes on valuable new ideas 2. take instant action on those notes 3. compare the results of your actions with what you've done before 4. adjust your daily plan of action based upon those results 5. But only then should you learn more a) and take notes c) and then act on them t) and while comparing the results i) adjust your game [...]

How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life. 7 Steps on How to change your life to having a happier more successful one.  Life is too short to waste another minute hating what you do or where you're at in it.  Your own decisions got you where you are and making better decisions will get you where you want to be. It all starts with deciding you're ready for something better.   #1 Make a decision to change your life and current situation. Believe in yourself and know you can do it! “We can become inspired to shape a higher, more ideal future, and [...]
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