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Google Trends – Google Keyword Tool

Google Trends may be the most valuable Google Keyword Tool Google gives us free of charge! Google Trends is the Google Keyword Tool that many website owners ignore, even though they are attempting to target specific audiences around the World. It may be more useful then the new Google Keyword Planner! (It absolutely is for me!) A Google Chrome search for Google Trends Produces this result at the top of page one. Clicking the Google Trends selection takes you here... Hot Searches gives you the hot topics of interest, constantly updated throughout the day! Top Charts provides you with 47 major [...]

Free Keywords tool

Free Keywords tool and what a Keywords tool will do for you So you want to know more about this Free Keywords tool eh? Ok But first lets talk about keywords for a minute. Here's how I see it In a Nutshell!!! What empower network has done for us has blown my mind! And what I am about to tell you may just open your eyes to a new way of doing some things! You have a wide open platform! Use it! Ok here at empower network you are niche open. What I mean by that is you can use [...]
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