Lights, Camera, Action! – How To Gain Instant Success!

Action – Success – No Action – No Success

Lights, Camera, Action, Yes! We’re talking about the instant variety of action, because we want Instant Success.


Instant Success Requires Instant Action!

The 5 Commandments.

1. take notes on valuable new ideas

2. take instant action on those notes

3. compare the results of your actions with what you’ve done before

4. adjust your daily plan of action based upon those results

5. But only then should you learn more

a) and take notes

c) and then act on them

t) and while comparing the results

i) adjust your game plan

o) But only then should I learn more!

n) & take notes

A) & take action

C) & compare

T) & adjust

I) & then I will learn more!

O) & plan

N) & act

A) & analyze

C) & adjust

T) learn

I) plan

O) act










Most people get stuck on A!

If you get stuck on A, you’ll never reach N!

Remember the title?

Instant Success Requires Instant Action!

Confucius say, “Becoming a life time student is easy, if all you have time for is learning.

EXAMPLE: I completed Commandment #1 for you.



If you are reading this line, it may be because you broke The Second Commandment.

Breaking The 1st Commandment.

Rule one, take notes is so basic it shouldn’t have to be mentioned. “Lights Camera Action”, we’ve all heard those words, and we all know that the actions of others are about to be recorded.

Yet more people than not fail to record the actions they should takeor the most important details they learned on any given day, let alone what they just spent three or four hours learning from an audio or video tutorial, without ever taking note #1.

What a waste of valuable time! They will generally end up listening to hours of the same material multiple times, just trying to “Get It”, when they could have read the key notes they took the first time, in 5 minutes or less!

“You will never get to rule two, because you are constantly starting over!”

Breaking The 2nd Commandment.

Rule two is certainly a lot easier when you have completed rule one. How do you instantly act on information that you cannot instantly review? You must take instant action on what you learn daily!

You may have never broken the first commandment. You may even have a library of the notes you’ve taken throughout your lifetime of learning. However, your faithfulness on rule #1 will never be rewarded if you break the 2nd rule. The life time student, who has no time to act on the knowledge gained, is my example of an exercise in futility.

Valuable time is wasted when either one of the first two rules are not followed. Click This Link!

You will never need rule three, if you fail on rule two!

Breaking the 3rd commandment.

Rule three, compare the results, your actions, what you’ve done, needs the first two as a reason to exist. No notes – no action – nothing to compare. However, many people who succeed in following the first two rules fail to maximize the benefits that their compliance provides.

Establishing a standard list of steps that you follow during every project, in order to record and analyze the results that your actions have produced, is the focus of this rule. Set it up, use it & avoid failure!

“Until you’ve studied your successes and failures, you’ll have nothing to use on rule four.”

Breaking the 4th commandment.

Rule four, adjust, plan of action, results, is an after thought before the first three are complete. After completing rule three you are now able to adjust (make positive changes in) your plan of action. These positive changes are needed to increase your level of success, providing positive results.

Breaking the 5th commandment.

You have no business even reading Rule five, learn more, before you’ve completed the first four!

“The ‘Know It All’ isn’t the only one who breaks the fifth rule.”

Don’t allow yourself to become satisfied with quid pro quo. Many people gain a certain level of success for their efforts and stop their search for more knowledge. Never stop learning from the people who’ve had success beyond what you’ve personally achieved!

Even the rising star has tidbits of knowledge to share. I’ve learned that I can learn something from everyone I meet. That concept has paid dividends throughout my lifetime.

As you may have noticed by now, each rule is dependent upon compliance with the previous rule. Also, every rule from start to finish requires action.

Instant Success Requires Instant Action, isn’t simply a cute little saying to toss around in a group of listeners. It is an absolute set of facts that work on any type of project you choose to take on, and…

…The Success IS Instant!

The very first time that you follow through on the first four rules you will instantly see positive results. Completing the fifth rule, and then repeating the first four, guarantees additional instant success, and…

…Every Subsequent Repetition Increases Positive Results!

Rinse and repeat…

…simply means you get rid of what didn’t work (rinse) and use the new knowledge gained, and then you repeat all 5 rules again, and again, and again.

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