Fun Brain Games

Fun Brain Games and Videos

Have you ever played any fun brain games? These are games that get the mind in a calculating mode, and when our kids can have fun with a game that is also teaching them to solve problems in a logical manner, well it’s a win – win situation!

The Scientific Power of Thought

Brain Tricks – This Is How Your Brain Works


The Science of Lucid Dreaming 


Feed Your Brain With Fun Brain Games

Below is a list of websites that are packed full of fun brain games. You will have many hours of fun creating some new wrinkles in your brain.

There are sites that are geared toward the “higher education” crowd, but also links for the younger generation, the up and coming “master minds” who will soon be taking your position if you don’t keep up!

Practice expanding the ways your mind thinks, calculates & analyses problems. Discover new ways of looking at things. Find out why you don’t always “see” what is there!

The Luminosity site is an ongoing project that you can help with just by playing their games. It’s a “Human Cognition Project”, and it is actually designed to help you train your brain.

It also has stories from actual users who have gone through the training telling exactly how it helped them improve their mind!

The Shepard Software site is excellent for children providing games for Pre-Schoolers on up!

Great Kids games can make learning fun. The links below are focused on games that are at a level where they can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.


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  • July 11, 2016


    My name is Judy Pond, I came through your website and find some quite interesting websites based on brain games, they all are really awesome.

    These can be fun way to keep your brain active. Brain games for anxiously aging baby boomers.

    Brain training games seems like a really cool idea for my 2 years old Boy .He really enjoyed while playing with brain games.

    Thanks for the lovely post:)

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